"For the first time ever, B. Lebanon is a book fully dedicated only to Lebanon's nightlife. This unique publication is a compilation and a testament to the country's vibrant spirit in brilliantly colorful and dazzling 512 pages"

b lebanon

B. Lebanon

Night Secrets Uncovered

Photography by Anthony Rahayel & Jean Ghalo

Cover Photo by Jean Ghalo

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When the sun fades into the Mediterranean and the moon casts a shy glow across the sky, Beirut transforms from a bustling commercial hub into an electrified and alluring world. Discover the night secrets in the city that never sleeps >>

Today, a few cities can compete with Beirut's reputation for elegance, sophostication and zeal for life that comes out exclusively at night. B. Lebanon captures all the magic in one of a kind photography publication.

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November 24, 2010: A world-class nightlife photography book B. Lebanon was launched with great success at the State of the Art gallery attended by society’s who’s who, the media and people who have long awaited to grab a copy of the to be or not to be book of the season.

Among the esteemed guests were artists, photographers and musicians as well as the members of the media who came to the State of the Art gallery, a contemporary gallery in the industrial city of Lebanon. Mesmerised by the details around them, guests discovered though image after image, the world of Lebanon by night.

The cozy gallery was covered with full blast photos showing Baalbeck in a mysterious way, Jietta Grotto lighting up in a magical cave, while fireworks, music, festivals, concerts, dancing and more are express the true spirit Lebanon carries from dusk to dawn.

For the first time ever, B. Lebanon is a book fully dedicated only to Lebanon’s nightlife. This unique publication is a compilation and a testament to the country’s vibrant spirit in brilliantly colorful and dazzling 512 pages. 
In any season, the city’s nightlife is the constant pulse that keeps its people feeling alive. While other cities withdraw to sleep, Beirut prepares itself to shine out like a beacon in blazing colors, calling in hundreds of thousands of visitors each year to partake in the festivities and share the magic from dusk till dawn.

b lebanon logo emptyThis is the true face of Lebanon; Lebanon by night that has captured international attention

CNN describes it as a “world-class party zone”,


The Guardian, UK calls its nightlife “sophisticated.”

Anthony Rahayel, photographer behind B. Lebanon uncovers the night’s secrets in a series of over 700 unretouched photos. A dental surgeon by profession with an undeniable passion for photography, Anthony finds peace through his lens.

In a wealth of images taken over the years, Anthony found himself drawn to the power of the night, discovering its true beauty in every event, from festivals, shows and concerts to clubs, parties and more. Every image discovers the soul of the night and tells a story and takes us on a journey that allows us to relive the magical moments.

Jean Ghalo, advertising and marketing specialist and FOUNDER of BeirutNightlife.com, a number one digital media in Lebanon, combines his know-how with Anthony’s talent to produce B. Lebanon.
The book is a lasting souvenir for anyone who was part of the great times, and a window into the world’s most exquisite party scene for anyone who has yet to visit the country that never sleeps.

Over than 700 un-retouched and EXCLUSIVE photos.

Fadi Abboud - Minister of Tourism

Lebanon: A Place to stay

Jamal Saidi - Chief Photographer Reuters Lebanon & Syria

Many photographers approach Lebanon in the light of day, capturing our nation’s beauty through the diversity of its colorful landscapes, seasons, and cultural traditions. In this rare collection of images, we see the face of Lebanon from a new angle, conveying its dazzling allure at night.

From concerts ablaze with laser beams to temples illuminated by moonlight, each image in this collection tells a story, revealing a different aspect of Lebanon’s unique “nightscape”. Made possible by advances in digital photography, capturing the magic of our world at night has been the passionate labor of this book, and it draws our attention to the beauty of places and situations we tend to overlook, like dreams that fade away with the morning. Through these images, these dreams are caught, kept... and showcased.

Though each type of photography collection has its place in promoting an accurate and compelling image of our country, it is fair to say that Lebanon is more than its geography, history, cuisine, crafts, culture, traditions, or the countless activities available within its borders. It is first and foremost the spirit of its people that makes this country what it is, and there is no place where this spirit shines through more clearly than in the zeal of its nightlife.

Photographers Jean Ghalo and Antony Rehyial provide a one-of-a-kind glimpse into that special energy that makes this nation so strong, resilient, and able to continue pulling its children back from the farthest shores of the earth, no matter how long they’ve been gone.

In Lebanon, the sun may set and the electricity may go off, but the lights never really go out. The light that continues to shine on so brightly is the one that keeps us alive. It is the Lebanese desire to endure, to discover, to make the most of life, and to enjoy every moment in the meantime. And within these pages, Ghalo and Rehyial have captured this well.

Jihad Murr - MTV, NRJ, Nostalgie and 2U2C

I believe that this book is an idea fingerprint that proves the continuous spirit of Lebanon's liveliness that has always been and will always be!

Elias Rahbani - Lyrical Author and Composer

Adoring the night and admirring its radiance is an encrypted tradition in Lebanon.
Anthony Rahayel's breath-taking snapshots highlighting its splendor have given life to this brilliant book.

Michel Elefteriadis - Music Hall Owner

... The dawn is almost here. I will have one more peek at the images of this book, and maybe, I will dream of Lebanon's nightlife while others are starting their day jobs.

... Wishing you very long nights.

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